Basic Ingredients Of A Complex World

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"Not too long ago one took it on faith that the final scientific picture of the world would be beautiful, orderly and simple. As it has continued to be sketched in, we have had a number of surprises. The beauty is there, but not of the expected kind."

C. P. Snow

Any Color You Like

A black-and-white image may depict an object of the present, but its character is forever is locked into the past. When these items are rendered in a traditional black-and-white format, the information that remains is merely an abstraction of its previous form.

Lost Color Of Mannes

Revisiting sites in New England and New York State, these vignettes are an imagination of the historical color that Leopold Mannes, the co-inventor of Kodachrome, may have seen with his own eyes.

Commissioned by Humble Arts Foundation for Manual Transmission, exhibited at NADA: Miami Beach

Empty Cabinet

The camera obscura is a model for empirical observation. Through its particular optical characteristics, it is instrument that can also distort the world. Representation and romance are embodied in photography's conception.

Official music video for Cross Record, "Maybe I'm Crazy" from the full-length LP, Be Good.

Empty Cabinet, Single-channel high definition video (with sound), 3:56, 2010, 2013

This Is (Still) The Golden Age

Pressing the photographic paper against the television tube, heat and light emanating from the broadcast are self-inscribed, fulfilling the desire to span distances, making illusions more present.

[ Blank Chalkboards ]

A useful chalkboard has no history; a used chalkboard is history. What was once empty is now full of information.

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